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8 Customizations You Need on Your Palfinger Crane

Your Palfinger crane should be suited to fit your needs. Every job site is different, and you might require additional tools to get the job done. The last thing you want is to have a crane you can’t use because you’re missing an added component. At Westminster Hydraulics, we can customize your Palfinger crane to suit both your preferences and your wallet. You might be wondering what kind of customization options are available. Here is a list to get you started.

1. A Fly-Jib

A jib is an arm that lengthens from the end of a boom. An added fly jib can extend your Palfinger crane’s reach and enable a wider variety of complex operations. What’s more, you can use the same crane with or without the fly-jib addition. When you’ve completed your task, the jib can be removed with ease. Fly-jibs for Palfinger cranes come in sizes ranging from 11 meter-tons and higher. While these are certainly beneficial on the job, keep in mind that a crane with a fly-jib attached may not be able to hoist the same amount of weight. It’s best to view your operator’s manual to find more information about the exact weight specifications.

2. Jib Attachments

You can also customize your fly-jib addition with various attachments:

  • Polyp Grab. A grabber is designed to pick up various loads quickly and efficiently. These come in full-length arms, half-length arms or arms with grab tips.
  • Rotating attachments will turn and spin objects around for accurate placement.
  • Rope winch. This rope and hook attachment is lowered and used to lift loads of various sizes.

3. Workman Baskets

Workman baskets are essential if you need your workers to reach high places safely. These can be mounted to your Palfinger crane so you can accomplish the task at hand with ease. For catenary system projects, these are the perfect choice. Fixed or slewable baskets are available depending on your specific needs.

4. Pile Drivers

Pile drivers are used to drive mast foundations into the correct location. You can select either an impact or vibrating pile driver. An impact pile driver uses a supreme amount of of force to drive the component into the ground, whereas a vibrating uses quick, pulsating motions to penetrate soil or other ground materials. Both can be attached to certain Palfinger cranes.

5. Augers

Augers are suitable for preparing mast foundation holes for overhead cables and signaling structures. When it comes to digging foundations, you want to finish the job quickly without an excavator. They should be able to drill into earth, gravel or rocky sediment. A drilling auger will do just that, and they come in a wide range of diameter sizes.

6. Snow Blowers

Snow blower attachments are vital for cold weather conditions. You never know when a storm could strike, especially in areas that are more prone to hazardous winter weather. When you need to clear an area for construction, these can be fitted to your Palfinger crane to remove snow and other materials out of the way. Then you can get right back to work.

7. Clamshell Buckets

Some things can be trickier to haul than others. A hook or a basic grabber, for instance, isn’t going to work for gravel! In this situation, you’ll want a clamshell bucket that can dig into dirt or gravel and elevate it into an enclosed space. With bucket attachments, you can move various kinds of materials without any trouble.

8. Mulchers

On occasion, you may need to maneuver soil with tough vegetation embedded in the earth. Mulchers are designed to dig deep and lift with more force, pulling up any greenery beneath your work site along the way. This is a thorough and eco-friendly way to displace vegetation.

Are you curious about what kind of customizations can be added to your Palfinger crane at Westminster Hydraulics? Contact us today! We’d love to talk about all the options available to you.

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