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Knuckle Boom Trucks Wilmington, DE

If you’re looking for a high-performance vehicle that is both flexible and cost-efficient, knuckle boom trucks are the way to go. Since they can be mounted on vehicles, you’ll never have to worry about the challenges of transporting a large tower crane. You can also complete more tasks with one piece of equipment. Therefore, you’ll enjoy higher levels of productivity and lower costs. At Westminster Hydraulics, we’ve worked with heavy machinery for several decades, and we know the business inside and out. If you’re on the hunt for knuckle boom trucks in Wilmington, DE, there’s no better company to put your trust in.

What are The Benefits of Knuckle Boom Trucks in Wilmington, DE?

Knuckle boom trucks are used in various industries, including construction and forestry. They’re highly flexible machines, which means businesses can employ them for all types of difficult tasks. Knuckle boom trucks are also much more powerful than other vehicles.

Would you like to know what else makes these vehicles stand out from the crowd? Here are just a few things you can do with a knuckle boom truck:

  • Lift heavy objects that other equipment can’t handle
  • Lift objects horizontally
  • Use less vehicles on your jobsite
  • Carry materials in the truck bed
  • Can be mounted on boats and railcars in addition to trucks
  • Lower level of vertical clearance required for loading
  • Light-bodied, can fit into tight spaces

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What Services Does Westminster Hydraulics Offer?

Plenty of companies sell knuckle boom trucks, but they don’t know much about them. At Westminster Hydraulics, we have expertise that you’ll find useful during and after your purchase. In addition to providing state-of-the-art knuckle boom trucks in Wilmington, DE, we offer outstanding maintenance services. These include:

  • Repairs, scheduled & preventative maintenance
  • Road service, on-site repairs, maintenance and inspections
  • Annual crane inspections
  • Remote connectivity “Palfinger CMI” tech support

When you choose our knuckle boom trucks in Wilmington, DE, this support will be available to you 24/7. We also provide reasonably priced, pre-inspected used equipment for our customers. No matter what you need, we can help you find a solution.

What Else Do I Need to Know About Knuckle Boom Trucks in Wilmington, DE?

If you’re ready to buy knuckle boom trucks in Wilmington, DE, that’s fantastic! However, we urge you to think about your exact needs beforehand. Ask yourself the following questions before you decide knuckle boom trucks are right for you:

  • How much weight do you need to reach and lift? This should be your top priority. Never select a vehicle that doesn’t mean your load capacity specifications.
  • Have you completed a performance analysis? Perform an assessment of the following components prior to your purchase: boom configuration, load capacity, payload capacity, retrofit, and ease of mobility. Make sure this type of equipment has what you need.
  • What is your budget? If you’re running low on extra cash, consider a used vehicle. We always inspect our used boom trucks before re-sale, and they’ll save you plenty of money.

Looking for a Knuckle Boom Truck in Wilmington, DE? Choose Westminster Hydraulics

Westminster Hydraulics, Inc. provides businesses like yours with the resources and experience needed to offer customized solutions to your material handling equipment needs. Some (but not all of) industries that we service include roofing, general construction, utilities, and tree care. We have been recognized as one of the leading truck mounted equipment installation facilities in the Mid-Atlantic, and we offer both new and used equipment to meet your needs. Our product offerings include Palfinger cranes, liftgates, hooklifts, trolley booms and precast loaders, Sellick forklifts and Mecanil grapple saws.

We go above and beyond to meet the needs of all of our clients, and we have been specializing in offering high-quality trucks and equipment like trolley booms and precast loaders to meet the precise requirements of our clients since 1979. If you’re searching for knuckle boom trucks in Wilmington, DE, contact us today at (888)-818-4402.