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Truck Mounted Forklifts Columbus, OH

Westminster Hydraulics is always eager to help out any business looking to procure truck mounted forklifts. Used in construction, warehouses, and more, they allow for a high degree of control and efficiency in dealing with heavy materials. The Palfinger FHS 55 line is a great option for those looking for high-quality performance and safety. We can provide you with the specific model for your line of work whether you’re transporting, loading and unloading, or something else. 

The team of experts at Westminster Hydraulics, Inc will gladly provide you with high-quality products and customer service you can always rely on because we do whatever we can to ensure your complete satisfaction. So if you are looking for truck mounted forklifts in Columbus, OH, then make sure to contact Westminster Hydraulics right away.

How Do Truck Mounted Forklifts Help Your Business?

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They’re very versatile as they are generally more compact and easier to move compared to typical industrial forklifts. This is because of the truck beds that can carry your heavy materials and the forklift attachment on the back that can be easily attached and detached as needed. They are great for warehouses where you need high visibility, as well as cramped construction sites where you need to transport things but lack space. Not to mention it’s a helpful tool in the recycling industry, as well as for farms and agriculture.

Some of the benefits a truck mounted forklift provides include:

  • Increases efficiency by doing multiple tasks
  • It can operate in tighter spaces compared to other models
  • It provides increased safety for workers
  • Makes delivering heavy materials easier

How Can I Procure Truck Mounted Forklifts?

Our team is here to provide you with the right truck mounted forklift for you by getting you the specific model you need for your line of work. When it comes to the FHS 55 truck mounted forklifts, there are several types we have available whether you need something standard, or something with more reach. We also have a model with more flexibility as well as reach. We will gladly go over the available options and answer any questions you may have.

Some of the different Palfinger FHS 55 models we have include:

  • The FHS 55 Standard which is compact and delivers strong performance
  • The FHS 55 P Reach allows extended reach for full capacity loads
  • The FHS 55 4W allows for 4-way directional operation and can travel sideways
  • The FHS 55 4WP Reach provides extended reach and the 4W benefits

Who is The Top Truck Mounted Forklift Provider in Columbus, OH?

Westminster Hydraulics is the leading provider of truck mounted forklifts for Columbus, OH. We have been successfully growing our business since 1979. Many come to us when they truck mounted heavy material handling equipment, custom-built crane trucks, repairs, or something else. We are proud to be a family-owned business that helps companies in numerous industries including construction, distribution, and more. When you come to us for truck mounted forklifts, we provide top-notch professionalism and care.

How Can I Contact Westminster Hydraulics?

You can contact Westminster Hydraulics right away at (888) 818-4402. We are the leading truck mounted forklift provider for Columbus, OH, and we will reach out to you to provide you with quality assistance. We also offer custom-built crane trucks, repairs of hydraulic equipment, and assist the tree care, roofing, and utilities industries. We also have products like Palfinger cranes, Palfinger grapple loaders, and hooklifts available for purchase. If you are looking for the best equipment to handle heavy materials or something else, we’re here to help.