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Boom Trucks Philadelphia, PA

Boom trucks are essential for construction companies that want versatility and high performance in the tools that they use. Westminster Hydraulics offers boom trucks in Philadelphia, PA that are perfect for contractors, construction companies and other professionals. Our boom trucks make it easy to lift heavy items and oddly shaped materials, transport loads from your location to a job site or lift workers above the ground to access a roof or power lines. When you need a boom truck, new or used, make us your first call.

How Can You Use Boom Trucks in Philadelphia, PA?

Boom trucks are very easy to use, so they can be helpful for many different businesses and industries. They are incredibly versatile and help simplify your job. Some of the many ways that you can get the most out of your boom trucks in Philadelphia, PA include:

  • Lifting oddly shaped items or heavy materials to worksites or surfaces off the ground, like wood beams or masonry
  • Transporting heavy or oversized materials from your headquarters or warehouse to a job site
  • Lifting up and transporting objects and materials from one place to another
  • Placing heavy or hard-to-lift materials
  • Lifting employees who need to be in the air or on the ground to work on power lines, trees or other objects that are far off the ground
  • Tree removal, tree pruning and other tasks that require elevation
  • And more!

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If you work with Westminster Hydraulics for your boom trucks in Philadelphia, PA, you will experience the versatility of multiple machines and trucks without needing to make multiple investments. Boom trucks can be used as a flatbed truck, as a crane or as a platform to lift up workers into the air.

What Makes Trolley Booms Different?

Westminster Hydraulics, Inc. offers boom trucks in Philadelphia, PA that are crafted with peak performance and heavy usage in mind, because we know that your business needs the best. Why are trolley booms a favorite of so many companies?

  • All of our boom trucks in Philadelphia, PA come equipped with convenient radio remote control systems and can also be outfitted with dual control systems if that is what you prefer.
  • Safety is key when you are getting the job done, which is why all trolley booms are made with built-in safety features to protect your employees and anyone on the job site.
  • If you are looking for peak performance out of your boom trucks in Philadelphia, PA, we can add numerous customization options to your boom truck including hooks, auxiliary stabilizers, radio remotes, risers and more.
  • Trolley booms have 360 degrees of continuous rotation, so you can smoothly get exactly where you need to go.
  • The boom trucks in Philadelphia, PA that we offer have electrical systems mounted above deck, so it’s simple to access them and service them as needed.
  • And more!

Where Can You Get Boom Trucks in Philadelphia, PA?

Westminster Hydraulics, Inc offers businesses like yours the resources and experience needed to offer customized solutions to your material handling equipment needs. We go above and beyond to meet the needs of all of our clients, and we have been specializing in offering high-quality trucks and equipment like trolley booms and precast loaders to meet the precise requirements of our clients since 1979. We take your trust in us seriously, which is why we always offer competitive rates, honest advice and trustworthy maintenance and repairs. Operators in many industries rely on us to support their businesses, and we don’t take that trust lightly. Contact us today at 888-818-4402 for more information.