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Articulating cranes from Palfinger are designed to last and are known for their durability, performance and flexibility. Palfinger boasts a comprehensive range of cranes for a variety of situations. When you rely on Palfinger’s articulating cranes, you will benefit from how fast and precise they are, and you will have peace of mind that your workers are protected by industry-leading safety systems. Westminster Hydraulics can connect you with the articulating cranes that you need to get the job done.


We proudly offer articulating cranes from Palfinger that are precise, durable, and efficient.


Westminster Hydraulics, Inc offers businesses like yours the resources and experience needed to offer customized solutions to your material handling equipment needs. We go above and beyond to meet the needs of all of our clients, and we have been specializing in offering high-quality trucks and equipment like Palfinger articulating cranes and knuckle boom cranes to meet the precise requirements of our clients since 1979. We take your trust in us seriously, which is why we always offer competitive rates, honest advice and trustworthy maintenance and repairs. Operators in many industries rely on us to support their businesses, and we don’t take that trust lightly.


Explore the Exclusive Features of Palfinger Articulating Cranes

If you aren’t sure how our Palfinger articulating crane solutions could meet your needs, don’t hesitate to reach out to learn more.


Designed with the end user in mind, Palfinger ensures that functionality is key in all of their products, and they are always incorporating feedback and technological advances to create cranes that are even more efficient and easy to use.


Your crane will come with a handset radio control transmitter with an LED display. This control gives you immediate access to the current loading capacity of the crane from 60% to 100% capacity. If the load is too heavy, it can also show you so that you can adjust.


Palfinger knuckle boom cranes have an active oscillation suppression system that dampens the boom system. This allows for greater precision, as the crane can remain still even if you need to suddenly pause the lifting function. The AOS is also critical for safely operating the longer versions of the knuckle boom crane.


Your articulating crane will have a durable surface coating and design that are built with heavy use and longevity in mind. The investment that you make in a knuckle boom crane is not insignificant, so Palfinger takes care to combine great aesthetics with longevity.


The high performance stability control is another key feature. The HPSC on Palfinger cranes utilizes sensors and the real data algorithm that are customized to fit each crane perfectly. This cutting edge technology improves the stability of your crane during operation and allows for variable stabilizer positioning.


Do you want faster boom extension and retraction? Return oil utilization is a unique regenerative hydraulic system for your extension booms that accelerates the process up to 30%.


The Palfinger knuckle boom crates come with a 24-month full warranty on all cranes and a 36-month warranty on structural parts on the crane that are used for hook operation.


One of the other industry-leading features of the Palfinger knuckle boom cranes is the locking mechanism designed for extended outriggers. This safety feature is innovative and includes redundancy so that even if the initial lock fails, the outrigger will not slide out and lead to a dangerous situation.



Over 40 years of experience, incredible attention to detail and industry knowledge ensure the highest level of quality within each order.

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Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez
What can I said, I’m super happy with the work that they did very professional and the answer all my questions we took our Volvo Palfinger they fixed it in great timing and they went the extra mile and washed off the crane definitely highly recommend thank you for your service!!!!!!
Barren Tree Solutions Inc.
Barren Tree Solutions Inc.
Westminster Hydraulics is phenomenal to work with. Before bringing my crane to them was even in the works Rick was more then generous with his time in helping me find out more information about my particular dilemma... he was in those few phone conversations more informative and had more answers for me than the shop I was currently scheduled to bring my crane to. Needless to say I cancelled my arrangements and brought the crane immediately to Rick. Rick and his shop manager Steve immediately set out to do some preliminary diagnosing while I was there, after which they took down a very detailed list of what was needed to be repaired/addressed. Steve kept me updated throughout the whole process, and provided plenty of detail with each stage of the repairs. They even went above my expectations and took note of things I was unaware of or had not thought about, and either asked if I wanted it taken care of while there, or if it was something small like a new/clean sight glass for the hydraulic tank (something that I always forget to take care of) they just replaced it. Having equipment go down is something we all dread, but having it go down and not having a clue how the process is going, or getting the equipment back and feeling like things were overlooked is even worse. With Westminster hydraulics you can trust they will give your machine undivided attention and they will make sure you are up to speed on the whole process, and as an owner operator knowing they are as attentive to my machine as I am is very important for me. Thank you Rick, Steve, and the rest of the Westminster Hydraulics crew!
Charlie Rice
Charlie Rice
If you’re looking for a Palfinger Articulating Crane With Grapple Saw, Westminister Hydraulics is The place to go. Their customer support is Top Class!! Keith in parts is always there for you whenever you need something. thanks Rick Cooney and staff for all you do....keep up the great work!

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