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When you want a combination of a quality forklift with easy truck mounting to make transporting it to job sites and construction areas simple, you need quality truck mounted forklifts. At Westminster Hydraulics, we are proud to offer Palfinger FHS 55 truck mounted forklifts that seamlessly combine quality, safety, ergonomics, visibility and performance for a stellar finished product. When you rely on us for truck mounted forklifts, you can experience the latest in performance and innovation.



Truck mounted forklifts are versatile machines that offer you a convenient and efficient experience. Truck mounted forklifts are essentially trucks with a bed that is open to carry a payload and a forklift attachment on the back. You can secure the forklift using a variety of methods, like chains or hooks, depending on your preferences. Your truck can carry wood, metal, materials and more to your job site in addition to the forklift. Once you’re there, you can easily detach the forklift and start hauling the material.

Any business or industry that needs to move materials from place to place could benefit from our truck mounted forklift solutions, including:

Recycling Companies

Truck mounted forklifts are designed to do heavy lifting, so they can easily handle loading and unloading materials, moving around paper or plastic waste and handling anything you need done. They can perform well even in dusty or dirty conditions like those inside of a trash or recycling facility.

Farms and Agriculture

Forklifts are essential tools on farms, whether you are transporting gas from one spot to another, delivering fertilizer to your fields or carrying fence supplies. Truck mounted forklifts make things even easier for you.

Distribution Centers and Warehouses

Truck mounted forklifts from Palfinger FHS 55 have fantastic visibility, which makes them a great choice for a warehouse environment where a good sightline is essential. You can use your forklift for lifting crates or stacked boxes, transporting goods from one place to another and more.

Construction Businesses

Construction sites can be cramped and have limited parking. Being able to transport your forklift easily and store it when you’re done can be a huge asset. Your truck mounted forklift will also be able to easily transport shingles, wood, bricks and more once you’re at the job site.


  • Truck mounted forklifts are lighter, more compact and easier to move from place to place than traditional industrial forklifts.
  • These forklifts lower labor requirements because the loading, transportation, unloading and tasks can all be done by one employee instead of multiple employees.
  • A truck mounted forklift can avoid accidents and eliminate the need for manual unloading for heavy items that you need to get off a truck.
  • More compact forklifts can access locations that are typically too tight or small for larger forklifts.
  • If you have a delivery business, you can add value through the option of a truck mounted forklift unloading the material and placing it for the customer.
  • And more!


Westminster Hydraulics, Inc offers businesses like yours the resources and experience needed to offer customized solutions to your material handling equipment needs. We go above and beyond to meet the needs of all of our clients, and we have been specializing in offering high-quality trucks and equipment like truck mounted forklifts to meet the precise requirements of our clients since 1979. We take your trust in us seriously, which is why we always offer competitive rates, honest advice and trustworthy maintenance and repairs. Operators in many industries rely on us to support their businesses, and we don’t take that trust lightly.



The exterior has a striking look with its higher ground clearance, lower profile engine hood, powder-coated chassis, and contemporary angular styling.

Inside, there’s increased legroom and a spacious operator cabin. In addition, our patented swivel seat assembly with 25° outward rotation increases access when entering and exiting the machine. Finally, there is an integrated side guard providing extra protection for the operator.

When seated, the panoramic visibility is like nothing you have seen before. The driver always has the best view of the fork tips and the entire working area.

Side View (Left)

Side View (Right)

Front View

Rear View

Main Frame Channels

The sturdy main frame uses Standard 4 channel section, which enables the use of larger diameter and wider mast carriage rollers that greatly reduce loading and wear.

Carriage Cylinders

Carriage cylinders are recessed below the mast carriage, providing a lower center of gravity for the machine and added protection from damage caused by falling debris.

Corrosion Resistances & Guarding


Whichever PALFINGER truck-mounted forklift you choose from the FHS Series, you can be sure that it will always be the right choice! All models come with the exceptional safety and performance features you have come to expect from PALFINGER.


With the unique PALFINGER Reach System, you can offload from just one side of the truck or trailer no matter how confined the job site.

FHS 55 Standard

The FHS 55 delivers a truck-mounted forklift with convincing performance and efficiency. It’s strong and powerful, yet light and compact enough to easily transport on most trucks and trailers. Designed for applications requiring a lifting capacity of up to 5,500 lbs., count on the FHS 55 to handle all loads—ensuring faster and more efficient deliveries.

FHS 55 P Reach

The FHS 55 Reach forklift is the picture of precision, efficiency and control. Our patented Reach System extends the forks forward to the centerline of the trailer, while the mast remains firmly against the side of the truck/trailer. This allows the operator to lift full capacity loads at maximum reach while retaining the ability to tilt and side shift at all times—ensuring safe load handling. In addition, the reduced pallet and truck bed damage risk is a key advantage as the operator can lift their load free and clear of the deck.


Narrow roadways, paths and openings present special challenges for delivery of long loads such as lumber. This requires an agile 4-way directional forklift that can travel sideways with the load to reach the desired delivery location.

FHS 55 4W

The 4-way mode selection is as simple as the flip of a switch and within seconds you’re ready to travel sideways to your final delivery point. For additional safety in standard and in 4-way mode, the FHS 55 4W is equipped with independent brakes on all 3 wheels.


The PALFINGER FHS 55 4WP is the perfect solution for difficult, same side loading/unloading situations. The reach system allows the operator to lift full capacity loads from across the truck bed or trailer, while the steering can be switched to the front wheels to allow effortless sideways driving with the minimal space requirement.

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