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Palfinger Cranes Norfolk, VA

Westminster Hydraulics is your one-stop shop for high-quality hydraulic equipment. If you believe your business could benefit from Palfinger cranes in Norfolk, VA, there’s no better company to have by your side. We are dedicated to providing our clients with trustworthy advice, reasonable rates and one-of-a-kind service. Our maintenance, repair and custom fabrication services are also unmatched by our competitors. How can we help you?

What are the Benefits of Choosing Palfinger Cranes?

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Palfinger cranes are highly precise, dependable and flexible machines. The company has proven itself time and time again when it comes to developing innovative, durable equipment. In addition, their industry-leading safety features reduce the risk of injury on the job. We deliver on our promise to provide first-rate equipment to operators across several industries. There is no doubt that Palfinger is a trusted brand, as well as one that is cost-effective. Our customers deserve the best, which is why we recommend them. Additionally, our Palfinger cranes in Norfolk, VA come with these unique advantages:
  • User-Friendly Design. Palfinger cranes are designed with the operator in mind, and they improve productivity on the job.
  • Radio Remote Control. When you purchase a Palfinger crane, you’ll receive a handheld radio control transmitter. Operators can monitor their load capacity with this device. As an added bonus, the remote alerts you when the load has reached its maximum weight. The transmitter’s LED display can also be used in dim or dusty conditions.
  • Active Oscillation Suppression. Your equipment’s accuracy determines the safety of your workers and your property. You can control your Palfinger crane and navigate its movements with precision thanks to a built-in AOS system.
  • Long-lasting Materials. Few business owners regret purchasing a Palfinger crane, and that’s because they’re so durable. When you invest in this equipment, you can rest assured knowing it’s built to last.
  • Stability Control. This type of equipment includes HPSC (High Performance Stability Control). This system’s sensors and data algorithms ensure your crane stays steady.
  • Return Oil Utilization. With the crane’s hydraulic apparatus, operators can extend and retract the crane’s boom quickly and easily.
  • Locking Mechanism. An outrigger needs to be stable when extended. In a range of conditions, Palfinger’s locking mechanisms deliver high reliability and safety. If the unexpected occurs, a back-up safety feature kicks in immediately.
  • 12-month Warranty. All of our Palfinger cranes in Norfolk, VA come with a year-long warranty. We also offer a three-year warranty for parts associated with hook operation.

Where Can I Find Palfinger Cranes in Norfolk, VA?

Wesminster Hydraulics, Inc. is a leading provider of quality Palfinger cranes in Norfolk, VA. We’ve been connecting professionals with high-quality equipment for decades, and we don’t take our clients’ trust in us lightly. In order to maintain our reputation, we offer honest advice, competitive pricing, and reliable maintenance and repairs. It’s our priority to make sure that you’re 100% satisfied with our services.

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Westminster Hydraulics, Inc is proud to be the authorized Palfinger dealer for the Norfolk, VA area. Palfinger is a leading manufacturer of cranes and other lifting equipment, and we are dedicated to helping businesses find the perfect Palfinger crane for their needs. Whether you need a crane for construction, maritime, agriculture, or any other industry, We will work with you to find the best solution for your application. Westminster Hydraulics has been serving the Norfolk, VA community since 1979. Contact us today at 888-818-4402 to learn more!