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Truck Mounted Forklifts New Haven, CT

At Westminster Hydraulics, we connect business owners with equipment that is safe, durable and effective on the job. Our truck mounted forklifts in New Haven, CT can assist you with any work you have in mind, no matter how simple or complex. Do you think this machinery is the right choice for your company? We encourage you to contact our hydraulic specialists for more in-depth information about what this equipment can do for you.

Businesses that Benefit from Using Truck Mounted Forklifts

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Workers across a broad range of industries depend on truck mounted forklifts every day. The increased productivity and streamlined workflow they provide make them extremely valuable. Here are a few examples of businesses that benefit from this type of equipment:
  • Recycling companies. Recycling facilities can be dirty and sooty, but truck mounted forklifts are designed to function well in adverse conditions. They are highly useful for hauling bales of paper, plastic and other recyclable waste.
  • Warehouses. This type of equipment is ideal for workers who need to lift, navigate and transport heavy, stacked boxes and merchandise.
  • Farming and agricultural businesses. Farmers need to move all kinds of materials across their property. Whether you need to carry animal feed or fertilizer to your fields, truck mounted forklifts in New Haven, CT will make your job much easier.
  • Construction companies. Typically, there isn’t much room on construction sites for parking forklifts. The machine is particularly useful for hauling wood and bricks, and it can also be stored easily when not in use.

Why You Need Truck Mounted Forklifts in New Haven, CT

Standard forklifts require extra labor and extra storage space. Our truck mounted forklifts in New Haven, CT can be attached to the back of a vehicle. Additionally, only one individual is needed to operate the machine. This type of equipment has several advantages, but the most significant are:
  • Less labor required since one person can take care of all transportation, hauling and unloading duties
  • Light, portable and easy to navigate compared to other forklift brands
  • Fewer accidents on the job due to advanced safety features
  • No more risky and unsafe manual loading
  • Compact and ideal for reaching challenging areas
  • Perfect for businesses that offer delivery to customers
If you’d like to learn more about truck mounted forklifts in New Haven, CT, get in touch with us today. Our mission is to connect professionals with the right equipment, and we’d be more than happy to assist you.

Why Should You Partner with Westminster Hydraulics?

At Westminster Hydraulics, we don’t just sell new and used equipment. We also perform a range of maintenance services for truck mounted forklifts in New Haven, CT. Through all stages of your forklift’s lifespan, our hydraulic equipment specialists are at your disposal. We’ll take of repairs, scheduled and preventative maintenance, road service, on-site repairs, inspections and more. Above all else, we are committed to providing you with 24/7 service at a highly competitive price. 

Where Can You Get Truck Mounted Forklifts in New Haven, CT?

Westminster Hydraulics, Inc offers businesses like yours the resources and experience needed to offer customized solutions to your material handling equipment needs. We go above and beyond to meet the needs of all of our clients, and we have been specializing in offering high-quality trucks and equipment like trolley booms and grapple saws to meet the precise requirements of our clients since 1979. We take your trust in us seriously, which is why we always offer competitive rates, honest advice and trustworthy maintenance and repairs. Operators in many industries rely on us to support their businesses, and we don’t take that trust lightly. Contact us today at 888-818-4402 for more information.