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Truck Mounted Forklifts Richmond, VA

Here at Westminster Hydraulics, our goal is to offer high-performance tools businesses need to perform any job. We’re proud to provide local professionals with reliable truck mounted forklifts in Richmond, VA. Our team works with companies of all kinds to expand their services and meet their ever-growing needs. If your business benefit from this equipment, get in touch with us today to learn more.


What is a Truck Mounted Forklift?

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Truck mounted forklifts are trucks that include an open bed that is used to carry a forklift attachment and heavy items. The bed is highly useful for maneuvering wood, metal and other challenging objects. A forklift can be fortified by using either hooks or chains. On the job, the forklift can also be easily removed for ease of use.

Businesses that Benefit from Using Truck Mounted Forklifts

Various industries require the use of truck mounted forklifts in Richmond, VA. This type of equipment is highly versatile, and it can be employed in a broad range of situations. Any company that needs to move items from one location to another could benefit from a truck mounted forklift. Listed below are some businesses that use this machine frequently:

  • Recycling companies. Truck mounted forklifts in Richmond, VA are especially useful when it comes to hauling recyclable waste. This equipment can be used in dusty environments, such as those found in garbage and recycling facilities.
  • Warehouses. Forklifts can be used to maneuver stacked boxes, crates, and all kinds of merchandise. They are invaluable in a warehouse environment, where moving products is the key to success.
  • Farming and agricultural businesses. On a farm, this type of equipment is essential for enhanced productivity. With so many other tasks to complete, forklifts will help you move fertilizer, gas, and supplies quicker than ever.
  • Construction companies. This machine is highly popular among construction companies. On the job, you can haul wood, bricks and other materials with truck mounted forklifts.

What Services Does Westminster Hydraulics Offer?

At Westminster Hydraulics, we design all of our equipment to stand the test of time. However, you may require maintenance and repairs eventually. When these become necessary, you’ll need an expert team of mechanics you can trust. All of our technicians work with truck mounted forklifts regularly, and they know the machinery exceptionally well. If you choose to purchase truck mounted forklifts in Richmond, VA, you’ll also receive:

  • Repairs, Scheduled & Preventative Maintenance
  • Road service, On-Site Repairs, Maintenance and Inspections
  • Annual inspections
  • Shipment of Replacement Parts and Accessories

On any job, downtime can cost you time and money. Whether you select new or used equipment, we’ll work with you to ensure your investment lasts.

Where Can You Get Truck Mounted Forklifts in Richmond, VA?

Westminster Hydraulics, Inc. provides businesses like yours with the resources and experience needed to offer customized solutions to your material handling equipment needs. Some (but not all of) industries that we service include roofing, general construction, utilities, and tree care. We have been recognized as one of the leading truck mounted equipment installation facilities in the Mid-Atlantic, and we offer both new and used equipment to meet your needs. Our product offerings include Palfinger cranes, liftgates, hooklifts, trolley booms and precast loaders, Sellick forklifts and Mecanil grapple saws.

We go above and beyond to meet the needs of all of our clients, and we have been specializing in offering high-quality trucks and equipment like trolley booms and precast loaders to meet the precise requirements of our clients since 1979. If you’re searching for truck mounted forklifts in Richmond, VA, contact us today at 888- 818-4402.